Cherry on Top

Posted by Pam Reinke on

Day 1 of my Sketchbook Poetry 30 days
(not challenge) but celebration!
What is one of your simple treats in life?
Take some time to observe it and draw it.
What does it say to you?
Add a phase of thought to it.

Here is my attempt at watercolors,
(no judgement but not great...
whoops that's judgement : )
Symbolic and exploratory.
Don't go for perfectionism.
Better always gets in the way of good!

During this time...
I've noticed what little things that make me happy
like my treat of three oreos at night with Netflix.
But I went for something with a cherry on top
because I am on the hunt
for things that are the 'cherries
on top' of life. Right?
What is your 'cherry on top'?
Look well, my friends.
They are out there!

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