Funny Face Dog

Posted by Pam Reinke on

Sketchbook Poetry
Day 3
What makes you smile?
This dog.
It's her job to make me laugh.
Drawing is a muscle
that needs to be exercised.
Once I drew almost everyday.
When I started my own business
I didn't have time,
wait no I didn't TAKE the time.
So the muscle became stiff
with unuse.
As a result I don't draw as well
as I used to.
I have to work at it,
same for rhyming
they used to just pop in my head.
But I am committed to
finding my way back,
to take a few minutes a day
to make a mark
and see what happens.
I am not always 100% with the results
but at the end of the day
I realize it was a pretty
great way
to start it.

Happy Sketching, Pam

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