About Me

Welcome to my new website. I hope you will find your old favorites and some new ones too.

I am an artist and a poet, an illustrator and a painter. I am a teacher and a student. A bubble blower, hula hooper, pinwheel twirler, paddle boarder, kite flyer and wanna be dancer. I love all things Africa but have yet to visit other than in my dreams.  Color is my middle name and words~ the air I breathe. 

Lake Havasu City, Arizona is my home and my playground, surrounded by mountains, the sky is immense, the sunsets intense, the water endless and the desert landscape vast and inviting. (Well...when it's not mid summer.) It really isn't on the way to anywhere but borders two states, and is hours from both Phoenix and Las Vegas. It's beauty is unusual and one could say... it is an acquired taste. But worth a visit. 

After 27 years of being self employed and on the road marketing via Art festivals and fairs with my whimsical work of dogs and cats, my Wild Women, Magnetic Women, my Dot Monsters, and many other illustrations and poetry, I made a big change. It was during my four year journey of leadership development classes, I rediscovered my love of the classroom and children's art. Currently, I am entering my fourth year of K - 6 art education. I find they inspire me (and make me laugh) everyday and have done more to heal me than I would have ever imagined. 

This site, is a limited collection of my varied designs, which probably (if counted) would number in the thousands at this point, I hope to add more as time goes on and make them available for purchase.

Recently, I began a brand new series called the StoryTellers, which is a bold, bright and graphically, EYE catching collection that applies much of what I have sought to teach my young students. Such as off the page, overlapping, the balance of geometric and organic shapes and the complex arrangement of cool and warm colors. To create a puzzle which invites the viewer to question what they are seeing and take a closer look. This may be the 'style' of my lifetime which took almost a lifetime to create.

I hope you will enjoy all of my work, it is my greatest pleasure to be both artist and poet (and teacher.)

If you have any questions or interest in something not shown here or originals,

please feel free to contact me at piperain@citlink.net,

928 412 7726,




See you there, 

Pam Reinke