A New day

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Sketchbook Poetry
Day 4
A new Day

Look...it doesn't always have to be serious
or profound.
While creativity is essential to make
the 'I to Eye connection'
it is also meant to be FUN!
Watercolors... is and has been
my creative nemesis.
My worst grade in college,
my least liked medium,
the one I avoid, am afraid of
and take wide circles around.
How silly, right?
It's just paint!
But paint with a mind of it's own. Lol
So as the days yawn into the next
( although, I am not one to ever be bored)
I am following Charles O'Sheilds
of Doodlewash online.
30 days of prompts to draw
and watercolor.
I liked his memory of waking up
to a new day
on his Grandparents farm
to the sound of roosters.
My rooster more illustrated than his,
smirky and self satisfied
as if he secretly knows
a watercolor painter I will never be.😉😁🙃
But it was FUN!!
Start your day with something NEW!

Happy Sketching!

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