The StoryTellers

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The StoryTellers
Having always deemed myself a 'whimsical illustrator,'
(dreaming of being a Fine Artist,)
I was grateful when this new style began
in October 2014.
It came at me like some magical creative storm.
Sketchbook after sketchbook filled with designs,
within 4 years, I had 34 paintings completed.
It is all about breaking up the space.
The goal is to balance an arrangement
of warm colors against cool colors,
and geometric lines against organic lines.
The viewer is compelled by the boldness of color,
then upon closer inspection
what is viewed is pieced together, like a puzzle.
Not everyone sees the same thing.
(Some don’t even see the elephant. : )
It is all about the eyes and in those eyes
there is a story being told.
A story of abstract tribal power and wisdom.
Are YOU looking at them or are they looking at you?
These came to me from some mystical sacred place
I can't explain. I almost felt 'chosen' by them to be created.
As Elizabeth Gilbert says in her book ‘Big Magic,’
“The work wants to be made and it wants to be
made through you.”
This is my ‘work.' The power of THEM,
inspires me to move more powerfully through my life.
Pam Reinke

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