Kreative Kids Classes

Kreative Kids Classes

For 3-6 the graders who want to learn how to draw better, excel in a passion for the visual arts and gain confidence in a personal style of expression while expanding their imaginations.

1: Students will learn to increase their ability to draw what they see through various exercises using Right Side of the Brain techniques and tricks. Still Lifes and practice in 'seeing'.

2: Students will learn about the Master artists. Why they created what they did and discuss the range of styles used to make art and discuss what makes a masterpiece a masterpiece.

3: Students will expand their imagination through creative exercises that allow students to explore their own unique style and gain confidence in the expression of . 

I teach children to draw (and paint) through a program developed successfully over four years of teaching K-6 art at a Charter School. I have watched many students increase their skills of expression, gain confidence for their own unique style and ability to draw things they see and imagine. And they fall in love with and recognize many famous pieces of art works as well. 

 Arts and Craft projects will be not be a part of the instruction.