Private Paint Parties

Have a special event coming up? Big Number Birthday, Family Reunion, Girls Night Out, Club Gathering, Staff , Leadership, Bridal Shower, in town guest or just an excuse to Paint and Play? This is a great idea for something different to do, it is social, it is fun (great view of the lake and the bridge) and you take something with you to remember it, something you might even want to hang on your wall.

Here is how it works: 

1. Schedule a date by contacting me at, Messenger/ Pam Reinke. Or 928 412 7726 for available dates. Friday or Saturday.

2. Have your participants already committed to the date and time. You must have min.12 to schedule, max number 16. NO exceptions.

3. Pick a painting subject from selections below. 

4.The cost is 40.00 per person. Have your guests pay Hosting Person by check or cash to be due (to them) one week before 'Your Scheduled Paint Event' if there is less than 12 committed to participate at that time...the event can not be scheduled.  

5. Show up 1/2 hour before the scheduled time with fun beverages and snacks. I will provide everything else. 

6. DreamScheme Studio is located at 201 English Village at the London Bridge Resort. (Right behind Splash Grill on the second level, facing the water. : ) Not near the Visitors Center, that is the 'other fountain.'