Paint Posse-Advanced Acrylics- Daytime. April 10-May 15 -6 weeks Wednesdays

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The Paint Posse is an established and elite group of painters who have been working together for two years plus and have had tremendous success at collaborations and other kinds of advanced working skills and explorations. There are 14 regular painters. Due to the popularity and prestige of being a part of this group, it is by invite only AND first come first serve registration. There is only room for 13 comfortably. If there is an opening and you think this class is for you, please contact me. 

  This class is for an experienced painter who is looking for a little more paint in their lives. Are you ready to move from beginner to intermediate or advanced with more challenging images, techniques, and collaborations?  Painters who are willing to push themselves outside their comfort zone, who appreciates and desires to be a part of a creative community and is willing to get and give feedback. We have a lot of FUN!

Sometimes new techniques are demonstrated and/or explored, ( but not every class)  if you like to work independently, guidance and help is available for personal projects. (Please do not plan on painting something that is scheduled as an evening paint class.)

The studio brushes and paints are available for your use anytime. Many painters bring their own supplies. I provide one 16 x 20 or 9 x 12 canvas, the others are your responsibility to purchase and bring.

 Limit of 13 Posse Painters. 110.00 for 18 hours of studio time = 17.50 per class, =5.83 an hour. 

If you can't make all sessions a drop in fee is 20.00 a session. Please let me know in advance tho we may be full.


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