Daytime Drawing Class for Adults 4 weeks Thursdays 9-11am July 12-Aug 2

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Are you one of those people that always says "I can't even draw stick person?" I hear this all the time. Here is your chance to find out that that's not only NOT TRUE but you can learn to draw better than you ever thought you could. This is my first time doing an adult drawing class and I am super excited. 

I believe there is natural talent and there is learned talent. I have watched countless kids go from struggling drawers to confident ones. 

Through a series of exercises, tips and tricks, I will teach you to access the right side of your brain. The side of the brain that recognizes shape, form and line for the creating and replication of what we see with our eyes. It's not magic but a learned ability and when you get feels like magic.

Drawing media and lessons will ( tentatively) include shading stubs, contour and blind contour drawing, upside down drawing, chalk, charcoal, guided drawings and a little art history. : ) 

I would recommend bringing a 9 x 12 sketchbook to the first class. I will provide everything else. 

 REFUND/ CANCELLATION POLICY: No Refunds for CANCELLATIONS unless your space can be refilled. No credits or refunds can be given if you cancel the day of the class. 

My Studio address is 201 English Village at the London Bridge Resort. (Right behind Splash Grill on the second level, facing the water. : ) 


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