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My Paint Class philosophy:  
There are Paint Parties ( social entertainment) and there are Paint classes.
My classes are geared with the intention to TEACH you to paint, ( not entertain you, but I will try to do that too.: ) inspire you to love painting, to be confident in your painting skills ongoing, for life EVEN. (With or without my help.) That means teaching techniques, tips and tricks for blending colors so your painting doesn't have a flat childish look but rich in dimensional depth. I want you to paint something you want to hang not something that will go in the garage or garbage. I choose images that I like, (not from a pre-purchased online kit with step by step color choices and written instructions,) but rather images that have skills to learn. I design and create a graphite paper tracer for get past the drawing hump, but you can choose your own colors, add your own creativity and have fun learning at your own rate. (with or without wine. : ) Painting is about learning to use your tools, making your water and paint, dance across the canvas in a perfect tango. To discover the importance of brush stroke direction, brush pressure and position of holding it. Painting is about learning to trust your creative intuition. To express your own style whether it is fearless or fearful. Painting is the art of illusion, by learning to place colors anyone can create a rich image with depth and interest. I want to connect you to your creativity. That is my goal and what I love. : ) I provide everything.