May Kreative Kids Art Class (2nd- 4th Grade) 3:30-5:30 Tuesdays April 30-May 21.

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PLEASE ADD NAME AND AGE OF STUDENT TO THE NOTES IN THE CHECK OUT AREA. I will send out a welcome message the weekend prior to class start date. Limit of 12 students. 

My goal is to present different lessons that will allow your child to discover their own personal style and gain confidence in that style through the study of other artists and exploring different mediums with instruction in both strengthening the imagination and ability to draw realistically. To learn while having fun and meeting new friends!! ( Bigger results happen for the kids who take successive sessions.) 

-Sessions may include such things as, upside down drawing, mixing colors, using different mediums, (pastels, watercolors, charcoal, acrylics) blending and combining colors for either realistic or expressive result, perspective, value, overlapping, off the page, primary, secondary, complimentary colors, crayon resist. Also sometimes exploring different art history styles of the late, great and current famous artists. This helps a child find out what style they are interested in and where their special niche is artistically. 

PLEASE READ:  All children must register here. CANCELATION POLICY: Any cancellation made within 48 hours of class time, will be honored and refunded. No refunds will be issued after session has begun for classes missed. 

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