About the StoryTellers

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The StoryTellers

This brand new style began in October of 2014
and I have been in a fever of creation since then.
Approx. 45 designs have been drawn
and 21 paintings completed in 9 months.

As a full time teacher for little kids
I teach a lot about off the page, overlapping,
'cool cat' colors,
'hot dog' colors and line variety.
These designs are a result of that learning and teaching.

It is all about breaking up the space.
The goal is to balance an arrangement
of warm colors and cool colors,
geometric lines and organic lines.
The viewer is compelled by the colors,
then upon closer inspection
what you are seeing is pieced together.
(Do you see the elephant?)
It is all about the eyes and in those eyes
there is a story being told.
A story of abstract tribal wisdom and charm.
Are you looking at them or are they looking at you?
Van Gogh said it best, “To arrange colors well, is poetry.”

Thanks for looking. : > )

If you like the StoryTellers, please see this slide show on Fine Art America. AND If you would like any of the images on a tote or shower curtain this is the site to visit. It is so great, they produce and ship so I get to do what I love...paint more. : > )

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